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2013.12.23. 09:05
michael kors

The combination of the oversized strips of patent leather and that the edges were left raw makes this bag stand out. Since the leather is treated instead of natural, I bet it would

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stand up well in an environment where a lot of drinks were being consumed, and really, isn’t that a vital

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attribute to any evening bag? Or is that just for any of my evening bags? Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $346.

louis vuitton

got no external hardware or obvious stitching. No studs, no zippers, no chains. And normally I like all of those

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things quite a bit, but when they’re all I’ve seen for two months, it’s nice to see a designer make

louis vuitton

something that feels totally current without resorting to any of those tricks.
I’ve been toting a Kooba bag lately and I’m

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loving it. The bag makes me happy for so many reason, but one of the reasons is definitely the color,

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it is this dark rich purple that is absolutely to die for. The lovely color reminded me how much I

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appreciate dark rich colors that are luckily everywhere you look during the fall. This all being the case, you can

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see why the color of the MICHAEL Michael Kors Morgen Hobo lured me in.
According to the description on Zappos

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page, the color is deep red. Personally it looks like a combination of red and purple, but I’m not really

Michael Kors Outlet

going to get hung up about that. I am sure it comes as no surprise that the faux strap and

louis vuitton handbags

buckle with a snap button closure caught my attention. The silver-toned hardware is shiny and noticeable but this isn’t a


bad thing, it works really well with this hobo. A single shoulder strap with an 8 1/2″ drop might be

michael kors

more comfortable in the cross of my elbow than on my shoulder, but I can work that out later. I

Christian Louboutin Outlet

am slightly concerned that the hardware will really weigh the bag

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down and for as large as this bag is, the weight of the bag after you fill it with everything you need is crucial. All in all a pretty nice bag at a re

2013.12.20. 07:50
cheap free runs

goalkeeper as well as he appears to be a more probable selection than Chris are.for Sergio Aguero to try out withdrawn off Louis Vuitton Outlet from Dzeko. Instead of highlight some key methods as is actually
original appearance, the only jordan retro 11 bred place on the inside for the design changed to red, while the upper with leather Louis Vuitton Outlet Store as a material to be bound for the Flyers fans want to see chasing Bong space jams jordans the focus.
most anticipated Air Jordan XI Concord finally be officially added to our catalog www.coachfactory.com/stroe on sale this month. This classic double super fantastic shoes from last year's first open jordan 4 bred the message will be
place has been changed is the color of inside shoes, designers Louis Vuitton Outlet Online changed it into the red color. while the upper with leather as a material to Louis Vuitton Outlet be bound for the Flyers fans want to see chasing Bong
we conduct our wish michael kors outlet list for the new year we use this part of the brain.Unconscious mind carry out michael kors the goals, only he has achieved the goals we set for ourselves. It works by louis vuitton outlet virtue of habits,
something, we must use force will not let go until we achieve louis vuitton outlet the goal. We air jordan 11 space jam were also given examples of a model - look at this guy, when he decides something - no one would move him out of the

2013.12.09. 03:01
louis vuitton bags

Some accessories junkies look at certain handbag designs and see faces, but this exhibit by British artist Billie Achilleos takes that phenomenon to a whole new level. louis vuitton commissioned several animal sculptures from her made entirely out of louis vuitton handbags and accessories to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the louis vuitton SLG Savoir Faire collection. What Achilleos was able to do with leather goods is amazing (not to mention amazingly adorable), and we’ve got more pictures of her creatures, plus a video of the construction process, after the jump. Here at the Purse Blog, we don’t do fakes. We don’t particularly condone them, neither would we really ever get one. You’re walking the ultimate walk o’shame Michael Kors Outlet when you get caught in the act of sporting a blatantly fake purse. Not glamorous, at all!! The only place to score guaranteed authentic, 100% real and brand new louis vuitton outlet bags is at eLuxury’s exclusive LV boutique. Period. We’ve thoroughly discussed louis vuitton outlet’s plans to target more up-market customers and discourage entry-level luxury shoppers from flocking to the brand like they have in the past, and now that more and more of the brand’s Fall 2013 handbag collection is becoming available via its website, the ways that those plans will shape the brand’s leather goods going forward are coming into stark relief. Not only does Vuitton’s repositioning mean more all-leather bags, but it means the iconic monogram canvas will be used in more high-end ways. Among the first of those attempts are the louis vuitton purses Monogram Exotique Bags. Logos have really strong associations with consumers in general, and that’s particularly true for fashion consumers, who expect logos to telegraph very particular things about their very expensive purchases. When a logo becomes a bit dusty or a brand loses some of its luster, a business built on prominent logos can quickly turn into a liability. No company in fashion is as reliant on michael kors outlet the popularity of prominent logos as Vuitton, so it’s not surprising that instead of limiting its production of logo-covered goods, LV would instead try to elevate the image of those through more luxurious finishings like python and ostrich instead of the expected vachetta leather. The theory to these bags seems to be that if you surround the the monogram with the most Christian Louboutin Outlet high-end of materials, the association can elevate the entire product. Whether or not that theory will produce results michael kors outlet depends entirely on execution, and for this first round of bags, the designs feel a little bit overcooked. In most instances, there are too many competing colors, textures and materials for the design to achieve the high-end subtlety that is en vogue right now, although the bags on which the contrasting materials are rendered in burgundy fare the best. As you probably guessed, the fancy trim significantly affects the prices of the bags – they start at $5,750 via top out at nearly $8,000. Check them out below. We’ve bee

2013.12.07. 10:22
louis vuitton handbags

Today is the day of LV here. We started off on a high note with the smash hit
<a href="http://www.mylouisvuittonfashion.com/" title="louis vuitton">louis vuitton</a> Aumoniere Satin Multicolore but we unfortunately must end on a low note with with <a href="http://www.louisvuittonchristmas2013.com/" title="louis vuitton">louis vuitton</a> Handbags Spring 2007. Something went horribly wrong when Marc Jacobs sent out the <a href="http://www.louisvuitton-christmas.com/" title="louis vuitton">louis vuitton</a> Spring 2007 line this past week in Paris. Actually the clothes themselves showed off beautiful layers along with matte colors. But the handbags just had so much going on it looked like an art project from a kindergartener. I hate to hate this much, but I just can’t seem to help it- these bags are just a major no for me. Marc did end the show with a sexy white shirt that read “LV-OE,” it is just too bad I did not “LV-OE” the handbags. TACKY!
If you’re a Damier fangirl, you’re in luck. Prefer <a href="http://www.louisvuitton--outletstore.net/" title="louis vuitton outlet">louis vuitton outlet</a>‘s monogram canvas or regular leather? It might be a tough six months for you, if you’re a <a href="http://www.louisvuittonoutletyears.com/" title="louis vuitton outlet">louis vuitton outlet</a> customer. <a href="http://www.louisvuitton-lvpurses.com/" title="louis vuitton purses">louis vuitton purses</a> Spring 2013 was largely a riff on the company’s classic check print, with the square motif repeated over and over again in sequins, fur, piece leather and suede. There were a few solid-colored bags with contrasting trim, but they weren’t the story of the day.
The other important element of this Vuitton collection is color, and specifically how few colors were used. The tone of the yellows, creams, browns, greens and greys in the show reminded me of a 1970s middle-American kitchen, all Harvest Gold appliances and off-white vinyl chair cushions. It’s certainly a palette worth exploring (and one that can be used beautifully in skilled hands), but the finish of the bags leaves something to be desired. The solid options look luxurious, as do some of the Damier Speedy-shaped bags, but many simply look a bit too simple and awkwardly shaped for my personal taste. Check out the gallery after the jump and let us know what you think.
Leave it to <a href="http://www.louisvuitton-lvpurses.com/" title="louis vuitton handbags">louis vuitton handbags</a> to solve a handbag problem that we didn’t even know we had – how do you get more handbags on the runway than there are models to carry them without weighing down the ready-to-wear? As it turns out, the answer is creating a travel-themed show, complete with a functioning train, and giving the models each a uniform-clad porter to carry her “luggage.” Vuitton took full advantage of these runway helpers, loading each model-helper down with multiple bags – sometimes as many as four.
That meant that we got to see a lot of lovely luggage on the runway, from oversized crocodile hat boxes to traditional luggage suitcases. Things got a little harrier when the show moved on to regular handbags, though, both figuratively and literally. While some <a href="http://www.michaelkorsoutletchristmas.com/" title="michael kors outlet">michael kors outlet</a> of the fur-detailed monogram bags were lovely, other fur-covered satchels looked a little bit too much like Cousin It. Also, I’m not sure how high-end the weathered circular hardware closures used on many of the bags looks. As much as I loved last season’s Vuitton collection, this one might take some getting used to.
Every season, waiting for the <a href="http://www.louisvuitton-lvpurses.com/" title="louis

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