Candids: Franciaország

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Oh them, they will . ? "" I'll answer for the others are much much more open I handed know

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2013.12.30. 03:44
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Ngayon ay ang araw ng lv dito . Sinimulan na naming off sa mataas na tala sa bangga hit Louis Vuitton Aumoniere satin Multicolore ngunit sa kasamaang-palad namin ay dapat magtapos sa isang mababang tala sa may Louis Vuitton Handbag Spring 2007. May nangyaring horribly mali kapag ipinadala out Marc Jacobs ang Louis Vuitton Spring 2007 line na ito nakaraang linggo sa Paris . Talaga ang mga damit ang kanilang mga sarili ay nagpakita ng off ang magandang mga layer kasama ang mga kulay matte . Ngunit ang Handbag lamang nagkaroon kaya magkano ang pagpunta sa ito ay tumingin tulad ng isang sining proyekto mula sa isang kindergartener . Mapoot kong mapoot ito magkano , ngunit hindi ako makapag tila lamang upang tulungan itong - mga bag lamang ang mga pangunahing walang para sa akin . Marc ginawa tapusin

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2013.12.25. 09:19
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And today, fake-tanned mensch Michael Kors is here to help with the Michael Kors Runway Clutch. The little evening bag has the distinct look of the late 80s and early 90s to me –

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an era of bright colors, strong shoulder pads, and shiny accessories. Patent neon pink is probably one of

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the strongest color statements a designer can make with a bag, and a shade like this references a

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very specific period in time – about 20 years ago. The strong edges at the top of the

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Sometimes you look

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or effort. Those are my favorite bags – it’s like they come with a blog post built-in for


my convenience! And really, it’s thoughtful for designers to help me out like that. Who said that fashionistas

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never think of others?
It probably stems from my love for Kors and his appearances on Project Runway

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– he’s an affable, fake-tanned, fabulous geigh that loves sportswear and his mommy and likes to snark on

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Also, I had no idea that this year was New York’s 400th anniversary, so this bag taught me

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some history as well! History that isn’t corroborated by Wikipedia (which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not true, it


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